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WVU Alert


Update your WVU Alert account with your WVU Login.   

Current students are automatically subscribed to receive WVU Alert messages.  Students who have provided a cell phone number to the University are automatically registered with the alert system. Otherwise, students only receive alerts through their MIX email accounts until a cell phone is added to their WVU Alert account.

To update your cell phone number, email address, or other details of your emergency alert subscription, visit the WVU Alert Student Login to sign into the emergency alert system using your WVU Login credentials.

When signing in this way for the first time, you will be prompted to link your original alert account with your WVU Login. Please see Link Your Alert Account With WVU Login for detailed instructions on how to complete the linking process.

FAQs about WVU Alert

Can I opt-out?

We highly recommend that you do not opt out of WVU Alert messaging. However, if you would like to stop receiving emergency alerts, you may opt out from the Account tab while logged into the emergency alert system.

Can parents receive alert messaging?

The Alert system allows students to add their parents cell phone numbers and email addresses to their account to receive alert messages. It is up to the student to determine if they would like an alternative contact to receive WVU Alerts as part of their account. 

Students who wish to add a parent’s cell phone or email address may do so from the Services tab while logged into the emergency alert system.

What if I did not receive an alert?

If you did not receive a WVU Alert, please visit the WVU Alert Student Login to sign in with your WVU Login and check your subscription settings. If your cell phone number and email address are listed correctly, please fill out the Missed Alert form to request further assistance.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your contact information for the emergency alert system, please visit the WVU Alert Student Loginsign in with your WVU Login credentials, and follow the instructions on the Services tab.